The Expediting Management Association, Inc. was founded in 1978 as a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of professional expediting. The expediting function, regardless of the title of the person who performs the tasks involved, is a vital, if often, neglected link in the supply chain. The focus of the Association is the use of sound expediting techniques and practices as cost-effective business tools and the training of our members in their use.

Our Professional Development program has prepared several valuable training tools including The Expediting Handbook and The Expediting Checklist manuals. Through this program, members may qualify as Certified Expediting Managers. Since training is a primary goal of The Expediting Management Association, the improvement, revision and expansion of our Training Program is an ongoing process.

Membership opens up an international communications network of expediting professionals to you, your company and your clients. The exchange of ideas between members is encouraged both "one-on-one" and through the Association newsletter.  Peer support and dialog are keys in the Association.

The Association's bi-monthly newsletter, The EMAnator, serves as a vital communication link. Through its regular columns and feature articles, it helps our membership, scattered over four continents, to stay in touch.

The Association holds annual workshop/conferences that combine business meetings with presentations by Association members and outside speakers. Topics cover the spectrum of Materials Management or Logistics subjects from the perspective of Expediting, Training and the development of new skills are stressed. These are very much working sessions, with active participation encouraged.

In addition to the annual workshops, regional seminars are held periodically at Conference Centers, Universities and host Companies.

To better meet the needs of our members, Regional Chapter (The Greater Houston Expediting Management Association - GHEMA and the Wild Rose Chapter) has been established in Houston, Texas and Calgary, Alberta.

Membership in The Expediting Management Association, Inc. is open to anyone in the Logistics, Materials Management or related fields who are interested in or perform the task of expediting, regardless of their job title. The Association offers a rewarding opportunity both to the member and to his/her company to improve skills, become more effective and grow both professionally and personally.


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