Basic Training Course

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Advanced Training Course

Saturday, November 8, 2014

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The membership of The Expediting Management Association, Inc. is comprised of professionals who in the performance of their duties have cause to use and practice professional expediting. Our mission therefore is to provide the membership opportunities to expand their knowledge and acquire skills in professional expediting by:
  • Offering seminars and workshops
  • Publishing informative expediting articles in The EMAnator
  • Providing publications which are reflective of today’s business needs:
         The Expediting Handbook
         The Expediting Checklist
  • Establishing local and regional chapters
  • Providing opportunities for open exchange of ideas and information

The Expediting Management Association, Inc. will maintain a certification program for it’s members giving them the opportunity to achieve recognition from their peers in the association and industry.

The Expediting Management Association, Inc. will promote the Expediting profession and the professionalism of its members wherever the opportunity exits.

Quality expediting is often the forgotten link in the supply chain process. Whether you are involved in manufacturing, the service industry or heavy construction, the timely flow of material and data is essential to your success. Proactive expediting can reduce costly delays by uncovering potential problems and facilitating schedule conscious solutions.

Membership in the Expediting Management Association offers career support, training in the latest proven expediting techniques and networking opportunities.  The EMA offers corporate decision makers the opportunity to develop the expediting function in their firms by using our Certified Instructors and our Training Modules.

With over forty years of experience, the Expediting Management Association is dedicated to enhancing the image of expediting. The EMA offers training for entry-level expediters as well as an advanced program.

Our members pride themselves on supporting their fellow members. Networking is a focal point of the EMA. The Association “spreads the word” about the expediting profession and the benefits of membership in the Association through this Website and the Association’s newsletter, the EMAnator, and through one on one contact.

As the only association established and run by expediters, for expediters, we offer a unique combination of benefits, including training, a Certification Program and the opportunity to interact with your peers.

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